Down in your prison of stone.
Love was something that was never known.
The nights before I left our home.
My deepest fear was facing them alone.
I gave you all of my love.
While you watched me rot to the bone.
Alone deep within your catacomb.

When I met you your lips dripped of honey.
All you were after was my life’s money.

Your heart is so hollow,
love was a fantasy you could never swallow.

Your heart is filled with demons.
While you lust for a rich man’s semen.

As you lure them in with your thighs,
before you change form in their night sky.
As you bury them with your deception and lies.

When I was young you trapped me with lust.
While you smiled and turned my soul to rust.

You are a vicious parasite,
a Succubus that no longer haunts me in the night.

For months at sea I lived in a floating ground hog day.
Dreaming of the day that next to you I would lay.
I gave you everything I had, while feeling your love is for what I would pray.

While I laid in pain in a coffin rack,
it took me years to realize how many knives you had stuck in my back.

For several deployments, I was lost in a mental catacomb.
Because I wasn’t good enough to feel your love before I left our home.

Every day I worked for the day I would come back to shore.
So I could give you my love and hold you ever more.
When I finally came home on the floor my heart you would coldly pour.
There came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore.

My heart fell apart while it was in your hands.
To find myself I had to go to a land of desert sands.

Every time the Ocean Moon disappeared from my sky.
Light from the North Star was always visible to my eye.
I believed with all of my heart it would be there until the day I die.

You never believed in my hopes and dreams,
but her love for the first time healed all of my torn seams.

Every day the Ocean Moon would change form.
In my life you were the perfect storm.
You’ve lost your castle you tried to deform.
Now deal with your well deserved new norm.

In my life you were a ghost.
Now you speak falsely in public posts.

The words from your mouth do not define me.
They only show the wife that you failed to be.
Every day you betrayed your family tree,
while you enjoyed your time while I was at sea.

You have shown the world what went on in our home.
A man that was emotionally beaten and stoned.
Rotting in the depths of your catacomb,
giving you everything I had to not feel alone.
Wanting to feel only your love and the sounds of your moans.

You falsely persecute me.
You try to force me down to my knees,
in your catacomb that is deeper than the sea.
While you try to keep me in your chains,
you try to convince the world my hands are full of stains.

My soul will never tire.
I am going to watch you retire in your own fire.
Because your nothing but a bitter fucking liar.
I realized to late I picked the wrong woman to sire.

You have tried to burn me in fire with your lies and sins.
I stand here tall in truth and my faith knowing the pain will never begin.
Because I serve the living God like Daniel’s friend.

You wanted to put me in jail with your lies.
So you could watch me rot like I did between your thighs.

You tried to destroy me with the help of a shoe maker.
Now your malicious lies are your undertaker.

Look into the mirror, what you see is the real person you fear.
As your fears and inadequacies constantly draw near.
The man you said you never needed is no longer there to dry your tears.

While I sat alone in your catacomb.
You tore me apart and broke my bones.
Never in my life had I ever felt so alone.
As you buried all of my love under a tombstone.
While looking at me with disgust, as you looked down at me from your throne.

I refuse to be a part of your living disease.
The Lord My God has split the Red Sea and set me free.
I am free of your chains that were around my broken bones.
Now sit alone and make yourself moan in your own catacomb.
Because my love for you is no longer known.

I forgive you but because of your fall.
You’ll never spend another day of your life inside my castle wall.
Now you will learn what it feels like to be alone.
While you rot with no one to blame in your catacomb.