Crossing the Sea of Galilee

The Voyage to Recovery

When a person is lost in a dark place during the perfect storm, some begin compulsively doing things based on how they feel because their body desperately is seeking dopamine (natural legal high).

What most fail to realize is that these compulsive behaviors (i.e., eating, sex, illegal drug use, etc.) are a paradigm that only serves the body in the present. At the same time, we slowly destroy our souls. The soul is a vessel that lives in eternity, while the body only exists in every moment of the present that we exist in the current known reality. When we engage in unhealthy compulsive behavior to serve ourselves in the present, we destroy our future and, more importantly, our eternity.

This paradigm is fueled by a behavioral pattern where a person suffering from mental health problems is focused on what they feel in a desperate and erratic pattern to ease the pain they feel within themselves. The only escape from this downward spiral is we must have the honor, courage, and commitment to stop executing our lives based upon how we feel. We must identify who we are and what our goals and dreams are in life.

The Form of the Ship’s Rudder

  1. We must identify who we are.
  2. We must identify what we want to accomplish in our lives.
  3. We must identify the logical tasks that must be accomplished to conquer these goals and overall life milestones.

Once we have identified these three things, we must stop living our life based upon how we feel (emotional rudder), and we must live our life based on what we know (logical rudder) we must accomplish in accordance with our laws to accomplish our goals.

As we continue to work and gain accomplishments that produce a path that leads to our goals in life and who we are, we will begin to feel the same “feel good” vibe that was achieved through unhealthy or possibly illegal activities that ultimately destroy our lives. At the same time, we have executed a paradigm shift in our life that produces the same “high” through productive acts that make us feel good because we are working toward who we are and what we want in life.

I do not feel like exercising at this moment. I do not feel like doing anything anymore. At the same time, if we are going to navigate the sea of life and accomplish our goals and dreams, we must maintain and take care of this ship that God has given us that will take us across the Sea of Galilee in God’s time according to his will.

We must all have strength during the storm that shrouds the Sea of Galilee. We must all have faith and stay strong as we walk across this body of water as Jesus Christ has taught us to do. We will stumble, we will fall, but his love will always reach out for us and pull us out of the waters of this world so that we may be reborn through living water.