The Fragility of Tyranny’s Darkness

The truth regarding the price of freedom, liberty, and equal rights for all of God’s children is revealed by the light of a United States Navy Tomahawk missile launch that halts the deceit of the blinding darkness of night at sea.

I did not win a popularity contest in the City of Newton, IA, or any other city or county within this state. I served my Lord Jesus Christ and the American people across every sea and every ocean I was ordered to stand watch for twenty years after I was born and built on the very ground that carries the name of the “Iowa” class battleship.

Leadership requires more than being the most popular citizen behind a podium to lead. Leadership requires honor, courage, and commitment to do what is unpopular or persecuted in the Light of God when you know it will protect the equal rights and liberties of all citizens of this state and republic.

Photo Credit: “Information.” File:Us Navy 030327-n-9964s-519 The Guided Missile Destroyer Uss Winston S. Churchill (Ddg 81) Launches A Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (Tlam) Toward Iraq.Jpg – Encyclopedia Information,