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To serve, inspire, and lead many in the light, you must demonstrate honor, courage, and commitment to survive and evolve while tested alone in the darkness of night. 4 years ago – “I am taking my time with this. I have wrote around 7 pages of lyrics since October of last year for this song. […]

When I lost everything and everyone that I love in my life and felt that my life was over I listened to the words of Admiral William H. McRaven. I stood up, I brushed myself off and I opened a can of Pepsi and I began building the investigative work product I started in 2019. […]

The truth regarding the price of freedom, liberty, and equal rights for all of God’s children is revealed by the light of a United States Navy Tomahawk missile launch that halts the deceit of the blinding darkness of night at sea. I did not win a popularity contest in the City of Newton, IA, or […]