The Voyage to Recovery When a person is lost in a dark place during the perfect storm, some begin compulsively doing things based on how they feel because their body desperately is seeking dopamine (natural legal high). What most fail to realize is that these compulsive behaviors (i.e., eating, sex, illegal drug use, etc.) are […]

I can see you in a picture. You’re not just a place for a household fixture. I see a cabin on a few snowy acres. Where I can wake up to my soulmate, my eternal love maker. Every night I find love, warmth, and healing inside my eternal pier. Your breasts comfort me and shelter […]

In my life I have given one person my complete spiritual heart. Her beautiful eyes radiated love and hope like heavenly art. I believed with all of my heart she was my spiritual counterpart. Now that she is gone I feel like my world has fallen apart. Everyday of my life I feel this intimate […]