Electronic Email – City of Bondurant – 16 JUN 2023

Subj: Leadership and the Form of Moral Influence

City of Bondurant:

With respect to Mrs. Eckley’s electronic mail, I will standby in accordance with the time frames articulated in Iowa Code Section 22.8(4.)(d.) and Iowa Code Section 23.7. At the same time, I will be prepared to articulate the evidence that the very purpose of an automated information system is to eliminate the necessity for additional personnel to accomplish the management and execution of tasks initiated within that system. I will be prepared to provide evidence indicating that the steps to perform the requested search on a Microsoft 365 information system are the same regardless of the size of the government body. At the same time, logic suggests that a smaller government body has considerably less data to search through than a major public university which should produce an even quicker workflow completion. This paradigm held true regarding whether I served on an (MCM) minesweeper or a (CVN) nuclear power aircraft carrier.



To the City Administrator of Bondurant, I would like to respectfully submit: My time in the United States Navy has provided me nothing more than experience and responsibility to protect the country that I serve from what I believe is wrong in accordance with our laws with the training I have been provided, whether I am wearing a uniform or not. Your job as a City Administrator is as critical as Active Duty Service members on the front line. This is true because the execution of your position manifests the people’s rights and liberties provided in our constitutions that the United States Armed Forces protects and defends.

We are a team, Mrs. Oliver. This republic will only continue to grow and flourish if we learn to work together and have respect for the needs of others as if they were our own in accordance with our laws.