Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – Brick Gentry, PC – 31 JAN 2023

Mrs. Johnson,

I appreciate the Iowa Public Information Board has approved the previously agreed-upon resolution (22FC:0071) between myself and the City of Newton, IA. At the same time, I have attempted to pay the City of Newton, IA, $79 for approximately two weeks for a search for requested receipts showing the historical payment of fees by other citizens and organizations in accordance with Iowa Code Section 22.3. Receipts City Attorney Matthew Brick communicated to the Iowa Public Information Board are stored and preserved on the City of Newton, IA’s mail server for only thirty days.

This delay may have occurred due to the City of Newton, IA, and its contracted attorney attempting to ascertain the caliber of bullshit they can still slip past my radar. At the same time, trying to clean up the evidence of bullshit I have already dismantled. As I am a man that attempts to have a positive spirit, Mr. Brick, if you would like me to get out of my Trans Am and help you push your Cadillac, you only need to ask.

Mr. Brick your allegations (defamation, harassment) supported by zero evidence are like farts in the wind. They are very noticeable and impactful at first. At the same time they fade away quickly with little evidence they accomplished anything other than producing a burden for a third-party that experienced them.