Voluntary Sworn Statement – Newton, IA Police Department for cases 21-35193/21-035520

17 November 2021


To: Federal Trade Commission (Unauthorized use of a social security number)
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20580

Internal Revenue Service (Fraudulent reporting of Federal tax responsibilities)
PO Box 3801
Ogden, UT 84409

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS), Tricare West Region
Attn: Program Integrity
PO BOX 10310
Virginia Beach, VA 23450-10310
Phone: 1-844-866-9378
Fax: 1-844-734-1266

Iowa State Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General of Iowa
Hoover State Office Building
1305 E. Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
Phone: 515-281-5164
Fax: 515-281-4209

Montana Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
Justice Building, Third Floor
215 North Sanders
PO BOX 201401
Helena, MT 59620-1401
Phone: (406)-444-2026
E-mail: [email protected]

Newton Police Department
101 W 4th St S
Newton, IA 50208
-Officer Oldfield Case Number: 21-35193 Unauthorized use of SSN
-Officer Watson Case Number: 21-035520 Harassment/Insurance Fraudulent Use

Glacier Medical Associates (Court Ordered Insurance Concealed from Provider)
1111 Baker Ave
Whitefish, MT 59937


Ref: 1. Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service Publication 501
2. US Code Title 26 Internal Revenue Code Section 7206(1)
3. Iowa Code Chapter 708.7

Encl: 1. 2018 1040 – ******* *. ******* (IRS)
2. 2019 1040 – ******* *. ******* (IRS)
3. 2020 1040 – ******* *. ******* (IRS)
4. CA DMV VEH Code 20 Violation Report (IRS)
5. ******* *. *******’s Court Documents/Misrepresenting Filed Tax Information (IRS)
6. 2021 Talking Parents Communications Archive (NPD)
7. 2017-2012 Talking Parents Communications Archive (NPD)
8. 08 April 2019 San Diego East County Court Order (GMA, HNFS)
9. 16 April 2021 San Diego East County Court Order (GMA, HNFS, NPD)
10. Michael J. Merritt’s Health Net Federal Services Benefit Information (GMA)
11. Michael J. Merritt’s Iowa Driver’s License (GMA)
12. ******* *. Merritt’s Birth Certificate (GMA)

Enclosures Compartmentalized to Agency’s on a Need To Know Basis

1. Criminal Acts Executed By

******* *. *******
PO BOX ******
Helena, MT 59620
Phone: (858)-987-2533

*The below actions were executed by ******* *. ******* while the Montana Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection has provided her a concealment address.

Aliases: ******* *. ********, ******* *. *******

2. Victims

-The American People (Internal Revenue Service)
-Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS), Tricare West Region
-Possible Unknown Insurance Providers at Glacier Medical Associates and any other locations providing ******* *. Merritt healthcare that are unaware of coverage provided by Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS), Tricare West Region
-Michael J. Merritt
-******* *. Merritt

3. Introduction

This sworn statement encompasses testimony and evidence regarding criminal acts executed to further a conspiracy to execute child concealment. ******* *. ******* has never provided evidence justifying this concealment as documented by San Diego East County Superior Court on 16 SEP 2021. The actions executed by ******* *. ******* articulated in this sworn statement were completed while concealed by the Montana Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection.

4. Improper Reporting of Federal Income Taxes to the Internal Revenue Service

2020 Federal Income Tax Reporting: Improper filing status, ******* *. ******* filed as head of household for 2020 after marrying ***** ***** ******* on 12 JUN 2020 in Flathead County, MT. ******* *. ******* was married on the last day of the 2020 tax year and over half of 2020. This also questions the filing status of her husband, ***** ***** *******, who is a California convicted felon (Riverside case#: RIF136769). ******* *. ******* benefited by filing as head of household while married by receiving tax benefits that she was not entitled to as a married citizen. Michael J. Merritt will be submitting court documents to the Internal Revenue Service to show evidence of how ******* *. ******* attempted to conceal her improper filing status and false statements to the Internal Revenue Service during her final required filings in their family court case in 2021.

2019 federal income tax reporting: Improper address reported, 1444 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065-8131 is the address for the Ramona, CA United States Post Office. ******* *. ******* utilized this address on her California Driver’s License violating California VEH Code 20 while executing child concealment during the final years she resided in California, approximately 2017 – 2020).

2018 federal income tax reporting: Improper address reported, 1444 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065-8131 is the address for the Ramona, CA United States Post Office. ******* *. ******* utilized this address on her California Driver’s License violating California VEH Code 20 while executing child concealment during the final years she resided in California, approximately 2017 – 2020)

5. Concealment of Court Ordered Healthcare from Glacier Medical Associates

San Diego East County Court ordered on 08 April 2019 that Michael J. Merritt provide health and dental insurance for ***** and ******* Merritt.

******* *. ******* has concealed medical providers and records from Michael J. Merritt for his children since 2017. Michael J. Merritt became aware of Glacier Medical Associates by tracking the provider that ordered prescriptions that ******* *. ******* utilized insurance provided by Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS), Tricare West Region, and Express Scripts that did not match up with a provider on his Health Net Federal Services Insurance. Michael J. Merritt contacted Express Scripts and acquired the points of contact for providers, including Glacier Medical Associates, who ordered prescriptions for ******* *. Merritt on his health insurance. After contacting Glacier Medical Associates, their billing staff communicated that he was not listed anywhere in the billing or the account for ******* *. Merritt. Michael J. Merritt informed the staff that he would be forwarding court orders and health insurance benefits account information for his daughter ******* *. Merritt. What ******* *. ******* accomplished by not including Michael J. Merritt’s health insurance with Glacier Medical Associates was that he was not directly knowledgeable of this provider through his insurance and was denied the ability to perform discovery on these records during his San Diego East County Court Case or participating as a parent in his daughter *******’s healthcare. ******* *. ******* also executed this behavior against Michael J. Merritt by leaving his name off school records at Ames High School, IA, Whitefish High School, MT, and Flathead High School, MT, from 2019-2020. Possible financial damages caused by this concealment of insurance from Glacier Medical Associates: Glacier Medical Associates have been unable to properly file claims, including Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS), Tricare West Region. This action by ******* *. ******* compromised the proper coordination of benefits process by the insurance companies providing coverage. Evidence provided by Michael J. Merritt’s insurance records, as well as testimony from the billing staff at Glacier Medical Associates, Express Scripts, as well as over four years of historical evidence indicate that ******* *. ******* is “juggling” health insurance providers depending on what information she is trying to conceal and which insurance provider she wants to use for each provider/pharmacy.

6. Unauthorized use of Social Security Number

In TALKING PARENTS, ******* *. ******* has communicated an intention to utilize Michael J. Merritt’s social security number to access healthcare benefits. Neither San Diego East County Superior Court nor Michael J. Merritt authorized ******* *. ******* use of his social security number to access health care benefits. Additionally, the Department of Defense Benefits ID number has been in place for nearly a decade to facilitate access to health care benefits; using the sponsor’s social security number is entirely unnecessary. Michael J. Merritt provided ******* *. ******* the required documents to acquire their children’s military-dependent identification cards in 2017 when he retired from the US Navy. The replacement process for expired cards is to report to an area reserve post/base to complete their local process. As documented in two Talking Parents archives, at no time up until the approximate last week has ******* *. ******* indicated ***** *. Merritt or ******* *. Merritt’s military dependent ID cards were lost or expired. Per ******* *. ******* ’s concerning testimony, Michael J. Merritt has asked her to specify or show evidence regarding whether the military dependent identification cards were lost or stolen by providing a statement indicating she reported them missing to the Department of Defense. If they are expired, ******* *. ******* was directed to go to a reserve post/base administrative office and renew them. None of these scenarios facilitated a need or authorization to utilize his social security number without permission while concealing her use of it.

Michael J. Merritt contacted the insurance department at Walgreens in Kalispell, Montana. Their staff confirmed ******* *. ******* and or possibly ***** ***** ******* are accessing health benefits for ******* *. Merritt through unauthorized use of Michael J. Merritt’s social security number. They confirmed this information could be accessed by law enforcement at the local Newton Walgreens.

40 W Idaho St
Kalispell, MT 59901,

At no time in the past has Michael J. Merritt ever provided this business his social security number for his daughter’s healthcare. There is absolutely no reason this business should have his social security number. ******* *. ******* ’s unauthorized use of Michael J. Merritt’s social security number violates his privacy rights while opening him up to identity theft by providing his social security number to institutions he is unaware of. At the same time, it provides additional people access to his social security number that is not authorized. Michael J. Merritt has been divorced from ******* *. ******* as of 14 February 2020. She remarried in Flathead County, Montana, on 12 June 2020 to ***** ***** ******* . There is absolutely no reason ******* *. ******* should be using her former spouse’s social security number without authorization while concealing that she is using it.

7. Illusory Abuse – Iowa Code Chapter 708.7 – Harassment

Michael J. Merritt and his children’s lives have been destroyed with false allegations of spousal rape and child molestation since 2017, while the Newton Police Department has taken no action regarding this harassment or the interstate restraining order violation and evidence directly supporting it that was submitted to them along with a sworn statement in August 2019. Consequently, this restraining order violation the Newton Police Department failed to investigate assisted conspirators led by ******* *. ******* with their continued long-distance communication/coordination and concealment of the transfer of Michael J. Merritt’s children from southern California to Ames, IA to live with Matthew E. Merritt and Sara Merritt without court authorization or mediation. Michael J. Merritt’s children remained in Ames, IA for approximately six months while concealed by Matthew E. Merritt and Sara Merritt 45 minutes away from the Newton Police Department who could have discovered this transfer of custody if they would have performed a legitimate investigation and contacted the violators of Michael J. Merritt’s restraining order while coordinating the transfer of his children during August 2019. Ultimately San Diego East County Court closed out this family court case on 16 SEP 2021, documenting that there was no evidence to support the allegations used by ******* *. ******* to justify the unethical concealment and full custody that she unethically acquired that has allowed her to profit off of her children through child support while executing all of these alleged criminal acts to aid in her concealment of Michael J. Merritt’s children. All of this while ******* *. ******* has been graciously concealed by the Montana Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection, who was informed of this situation several months ago and has continued to assist her in the concealment of her unethical acts.

The Newton Police Department failed to properly handle a restraining order in accordance with the 1996 Violence Against Women’s Act and the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution dictating that all citizens are due equal protection under the law. The Newton Police Department escorted two Marshalltown Detectives in full body armor/armed to Michael J. Merritt’s front door to assist Hope United Methodist Church of Marshalltown Iowa with their false report of harassment to do nothing more than intimidate a private citizen that had been reporting and filing a grievance against this church as evidence shows two of their church leaders (female) were involved in ******* *. ******* ’s false allegations of sexual abuse. There is a prejudicial discrepancy regarding how Iowa law enforcement handled alleged harassment toward a multimillion-dollar religious-based non-profit and how harassment is dealt with regarding a private citizen’s complaint. Hope United Methodist Church of Marshalltown, IA reports harassment with no evidence for the purpose of concealing their unethical acts in the state of Iowa, and two officers were dispatched to Michael J. Merritt’s front door with weapons ready to make no arrest. A private citizen reports harassment that more than satisfies the requirements of Iowa Code Chapter 708.7. At the same time, the Newton Police Department (Officer Lovan) communicates the assailant has the right to freedom of speech. Why was this church not told Michael J. Merritt had a right to freedom of speech before he was harassed over 45 days by law enforcement from Marshalltown, IA, followed by them being escorted to his front door by Newton Police Department officers. The lesson here as the historical evidence shows is that if you have enough money and political pull in the State of Iowa the Marshalltown Police Department and consequently the Newton Police Department who escorted their officers through their jurisdiction to Michael J. Merritt’s front door are nothing more than hired muscle to any institution that has unethical behavior they require someone to intimidate the party reporting it into silence and halting the continued deployment of their first amendment rights that threaten these institutions with exposing their truth. While these same law enforcement agencies do nothing for private citizens who have actual evidence of life-destroying harassment.

The psychological bombardment of false allegations of sexual abuse my daughter and I have endured from ******* *. ******* has been ongoing to present while available court documents from San Diego East County Superior Court articulate there is no evidence to support these malicious life-destroying allegations.
The problem with our society and the justice system is that we are becoming more responsive to how people feel or choose to identify their internal reality in the shared reality, possibly motivated for personal benefit instead of focusing on actual evidence. My evidence that supports this thesis is that I can provide multiple examples of how law enforcement and the judicial system has filed court documents and armed law enforcement officers for women with manufactured episodes of emotional hysteria with no evidence. While attempting to conceal their unethical conduct and continuing to victimize a male with evidence against these same women that these same agencies chose to disregard or not handle with the same consistency as the historical record shows they executed for the alleged female victims. In the case, I am building against two California Superior Court Judges and two Minor’s Counselors in the state of California. Evidence would suggest the execution of their roles in my family court case toward its conclusion was possibly for the purpose of covering their ass and the judicial prejudice they executed prior to realizing there was no evidence to support the orders they had already issued based on ******* *. ******* ’s false testimony and the over thousand pages of evidence I have provided that is documented in San Diego East County Court Case: ED100465.

This entire situation has perpetuated to the point it has outside the state of California because of the failure of the Newton Police Department to investigate the seeds of injustice that I reported in August of 2019. It would be reasonable speculation that none of these acts documented here, and none of these new/existing victims would exist if the Newton Police Department had simply done their job in 2019 and stopped the perpetuation of crime executed by ******* *. ******* with her misdemeanor Chief Burdess showed no interest in. I believe it is a very relevant discussion for a future forum to determine how much financial damage has been caused because of the Newton Police Department’s failure to properly track ******* *. ******* and report her to the jurisdictions she has migrated through during her execution of these crimes against the rights of others.